Lighting and Remodeling


New lighting is a great, cost effective way to transform the appearance of a room.  Whether it be accent lighting for art work, recessed lighting, or some new pendants over a counter top; you'll be amazed at the difference new lighting makes.  Did you know that under cabinet lighting is the most useful light in a kitchen and looks great too?  


A remodel project can be very exciting, but it definitely does present its unique challenges. Kitchens and bathrooms can be especially challenging.  The electrician has to make the lighting and electrical system work with a variety of factors.  These include:   the existing framing and other mechanical systems, the local and national electrical and building codes, practicality and functionality, the project's budget, aesthetics, and the clients' personal preferences.   Many adjustments usually need to made during the course of the project to compensate for all the above mentioned factors
.  The owners of Isthmus Electric specialize in remodel work, and are experienced in using creative ideas and a variety of products to achieve solutions that are practical, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing.  We strive to keep contractors, designers, inspectors, carpenters, and most importantly, homeowners happy.

At Isthmus Electric we would be happy to help you design lighting and electrical plans for your new project, or work with your contractors and designers to achieve a finished product that you'll love.   

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